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Tom and Debbie,

Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed our shar-pei puppies, Koko and Bear.  They were litter mates (dilute lilacs) and have been some of the healthiest pups we have ever had.  Our vet would always comment that he had never seen such healthy shar-pei.  They are full of energy and love to run around in the back yard.  Their favorite spot was on the top of the hot tub.  The insulated cover would stay warm in the winter and the morning sun would hit that spot first.  By sitting up there they could survey the neighborhood and keep track of everyone’s coming and goings.  You could see them spot us coming home from work as we drove down the street.  They would start dancing on the hot tub and then run across the back yard and back up on the tub.  Yes, they had great eyesight and no eye, ear, or skin problems.   Shar-pei truly do own your heart once you have had them. 

Best Regards, 


I just wanted to give you an update on the puppy.  She is doing great!  She is just beautiful!!!  Truly one of the most beautiful I have ever had, in both appearance and personality!  She is sweet and playful and loving with everyone and everywhere we go.  Everyone is just crazy about her.  Even people that don't like dogs. 
She is so funny with her sisters.  She hides under my bed and jumps half way out and nips at them and then scrambles under again.  They are too big to catch her.  When I check on them I can just see this black nose sticking out between the blankets.  She also likes to take as many toys as she can and pile them up and lay on top of them so her sisters can't get them.  LOL.  I guess she is a little bit of a brat but we have so many toys in the house no one minds.  She is so comical she keeps me in stitches all the time.  Watching her and the others is like watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon.
Your Friend,
Olivia Pei
Jazzy Jo-Jo Rice rode like a champ.  Did not pee in the car even once.  Always understood and took care of her necessities at each gas stop with no prompting.  She even jumps into the cat litter box here at home, like our pug Dumpling, and understands to keep her business in there.  She will be a snap to house train.  She slept with us on our bed, and is already very comfortable and at home with us.  She is so smart and interesting, and completely captivating to look at. 

Thank you a thousand times!  Be sure that she is in good and caring hands.

Bye for now.   Joel, Anna, Roman, Dumpling, Jo-Jo, Mooska, Booska

Just wanted to let you know that we made it home safely last night. Rocco couldn't have been better!  He laid on my lap the whole way - no car sickness, no restlessness and best of all no potty accidents :)!  He ate for me twice and got used to his new water bowl. When we first left Sheridan, he would "rest" but I could see his ears were still perky so I knew he wasn't really sleeping.  By the time we got home he was sprawling out on my lap laying sideways even and there weren't very many wrinkles in his head he was so relaxed. He seems to like our house and he loves the yard. I had to chase him to get him in at 10:30 last night :).....He slept with us  and took to snuggling like a pro! He even rolled over for me this morning and let me rub his belly - a major accomplishment in my book for him to trust us already.

Thanks again for everything - he is all I hoped for and more!  My favorite part of him so far is when he runs his skin is so loose that the fur over his front shoulders wobbles back and forth differently than over his buns - wow!  Also, I think we are going to name him Big Sky Roccom Sock'em Cowboy - it seems to really fit him.  I'll keep you posted and send pictures when I can - but know that we loved him instantly and he is already a fixture in our family... 



Shar Pei's have been a part of our family for over 15 years.  Recently we have had the pleasure of incorporating two young men from the Rice's Big Horn Shadow Ranch.  Tonka is now 18 months while Kendo is just over a year.  Both are wonderful, handsome guys.  Both are good family dogs of gentle disposition with soft fluffy coats.  They get along well with our children and are very protective of Bill's 94 year old mother.

Tom and Debbie have proved to be wonderful resources to us in answering questions we have had concerning the boys since their arrival.  It is very good to have someone to check with as the boys grow up.

We would, without reservation recommend Big Horn Shadow Ranch to anyone who wishes to adopt a high quality Shar Pei into their family.

Karen and Bill

Deb and Tom,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed doing business with you.  The dog, Chang Li is a wonderful addition to our family. He is everything you promised and more. When I saw his picture on your web site that was enough of a promotion to melt any heart. He is so mellow with the grand children that they can't wait to come and visit Grandpa's puppy. Pleasure doing business with you.
Neil and Kay

I wanted to send you an update on the Shar-pei I bought from you back in 2003. Mack recently turned 3 years old. He is the best dog and companion I have ever had. When I got him at 8 weeks old, he was already housetrained and knew some basic commands which was amazing to me that not only was he very intelligent, but you took the time to really care for the puppies and teach them at such a young age. Mack has brought so much joy to my life. He truly is a part of the family. He is fantastic with children and people in general and loves other animals – as long as they are not too aggressive and then he becomes protective which is perfect for me. He has a fantastic personality and is constantly making everyone around him laugh. I cannot tell you how many offers I have had over the years to buy him from me or people asking me to breed him because he looks so good. I want to thank you again for my Mackie-Mack as we like to call him. He truly is a joy!  

Gabriela Cummings

 to me
show details May 20 

Thanks so very much for the beautiful pictures of Anabelle!   You are so welcomed.  She is so very beautiful.  I couldn't be any more happier for all of you!  We are such proud parents - but I am sure you already knew that.  When we go out for walks she always has people stop and say "what a beautiful dog".  Because she is such a big girl people always mistake her for a boy.  Funny story, Brandon was out front cutting the lawn and a man was walking his female Shar-pei and stopped and asked if we were interested in studding out our pup.  Brandon then explained that she had already been spayed.  The man was amazed at how big her head was for a female.



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