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Traditional aspects on German engagement rings

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Germans perspective of verlobungsringepaaris completely different. Obviously it is quite fun to know about the traditional wedding of the Germans than those races in the United States. To make you learn and educate few things regarding the German engagement rings here are a few traditional aspects that most German people follow.

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About engagement rings in Germany

German couples in order to symbolize their love they give the utmost priority to their verlobungsringepaar. The exchanging process of the rings with one another among the couples or between them reveals the eternal love, affection, bonding in the couple’s relationship.

It is most important to concentrate that in most of the traditional German wedding occasion or harmony, the wedding rings are very simple. These rings are often made of gold which look like a ring band. Very often these rings are quite simple so that they do not have any gemstones, diamonds or engraving can be seen on the rings.

For most couple in Germany the wedding rings and the engagement ring is quite same. In order to make their relationship completely legal both the men and women change their simple band like rings, usually called bands. Initially at the time of engagement both the men and women wear the engagement ring on their ring fingers of their left hand.

Exchanging rings on the right hand

In United States people usually wear their wedding rings on their ring fingers of left hand. After the engagement ceremony at the time of wedding couples move their rings to their right ring fingers. This practice of changing their to wedding rings from left ring finger at the time of engagement to right ring finger at the time of wedding or else after wedding is really a confusing and an interesting aspect. Foreigners completely see this traditional practice in a confusing way. But whereas for German bride and grooms it entirely natural custom.

Common type of rings generally Germans prefer

German verlobungsringepaarare traditional simple rings usually called bands. For those people to make their marriage ceremony a little bigger event they choose some special kind of German Poesy rings and bands. Some couples chose poesy rings, some couples chose plain bands. Those rings are commonly simple gold bands usually engraved on the ring. People mostly use German saying or a bit of special German poetry that indicate the mutual couples love. Most common Poesy ring saying or engraving is “MynGenyst” which means “my heart”.